Family Fun Day

Through our Family fun/ Open Day we invited new and existing families to come and meet with our Educators to not only share in the fun activities, but to start building a sense of welcome and respect through first and existing interactions and conversations. We were able to let families know that we care and are interested in what they want for their child/children, so we have a more insightful, richer picture of each individual child. This is the foundation of building appreciation of each other’s knowledge and experience.

Aboriginal Boys Dance Group

For many years Fox Street preschool has worked in conjunction with the indigenous community to ensure our children are experiencing and learning about diversity, and the culture of our land Australia. We have strived to find experiences, resources and ways of thinking that will assist in embedding indigenous perspectives into our program and centre as a whole.

Elder's Day

On this day at Fox Street Preschool we provided the children with an opportunity to meet, speak and draw pictures for the Aboriginal Elders who live in our community. The Early Years Learning Framework describes cultural competence as so much more than awareness of cultural differences. It is the ability to understand, communicate with and effectively interact with people across all cultures.